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(no subject)

Jul. 5th, 2010 | 05:22 pm
mood: cheerful cheerful

Dear everyone on my F-list,
you are beautiful, intelligent and amazing people.
Just thought I'd let you know. :D

:L my life is amuuusiiing.

Jun. 30th, 2010 | 10:52 pm
location: le sofa
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: SUMMERTIME - NewS

So, I haven't updated in aaaages, cause I'm not really active on this account. Dx
Anyways, I WANNA BE BLONDE. I'm gonna dye my hair honey blonde soon, before I move to Brazil, as part of the whole unrecogniseable thing.
Also, for stalker reasons, I'm changing my name, again. My sister is thinking of getting me a title, so my new name is going to be Lady Ariel Elizabeth Alice Furness of Sealand. Now, if I havn't heard a princessier name than thaaaat.... xD
But anyways, once I'm done dyeing my hair and changing my name and basically know I'm safe, I might start a himegyaru/lolita/overall gyaru blog, cause I've wanted to since I got into lolita years ago.
I kinda ended up advancing into gyaru (hime especially) because it still has that princessy look that I fell in love with while still in my fully lolita days, but I find it more wearable.
Onto my social life. xD Well, this should be fun.
So this girl who was apparently my friend ( I never liked her. :L) basically accused me of being a snobby, posh, stuck up brat, and tried to turn my friends against me. Now, my friends are lovely people and i love em all to death and I'm proud that they stood by me when I needed them. So now this girl has no friends and is overall alone. Usually I would be the one saying "No, we shouldn't be harsh..." but this time she so deserves it. She's so immature it actually makes me laugh.
When she sits there talking about me, giving me dirty looks, it makes me smile, because I know that even though she's spreading all this stuff about me, nobody believes a word that she says and everyone believes me. :] Well, I mean who would you choose, the "posh" girl, (like the worst insult she had for me), or the poor druggie skank who looks like a monkey and stole said girl's nicest £150 D&G jeans? Lol, she never had a chance.
Just because I enjoy dressing like a princess and have the resources to do so, doesn't mean that I'm snobby, nor stuck up. I just try my hardest to present myself in a refined matter.

Also, imma be attending a cosplay picnic in hereford at the end of next month and loads of us are going as hetalia characters.
Should be sooo much fun. xD

loli meme~ Stolen from yami_no_ryuzaki

Apr. 12th, 2010 | 02:47 am

LJ screen name

Do you plan on lying in this survey in order to make you look more loli?
Naaaaaah. No point in that.

How long have you been into Lolita?
Almost 2 years.

What's your favorite style?
Sweet. Definetly!

what do you like most about Lolita?
I like the way that it preserves innocence, refinement and modesty, in contrast to most other modern fashions.

what do you dislike most about Lolita?
The cost is definetly one thing. Another is trying to keep the clothes in good shape, like not getting them dirty or ripped.

what’s the most difficult thing about being Lolita?
The cost, the assumptions that people make about you.

What's the best reaction you've gotten in loli?
Probably the little girls at Matsuri in Sao Paulo! They kept asking me to pose for photos and said I looked "like a big porcelain doll... only cuter!!"

what’s the worst reaction you've gotten in loli?
The way that mothers look at me when their daughters say "That's how I'm going to dress when I grow up!"

what’s your favorite brand(s)?
Angelic Pretty and BABY

what’s your favorite accessory?
All those resin jewelery and headbands that AP released. <3

What's your favorite color combo?
pink/white, blue/white, pink/blue/white

what do you think about black and white combos?
Ummm... To a beginner lolita I'd say no, but lots of experienced girls pull it off amazingly.

Who or what has the biggest influence on your style?
The Internet. =L

What do you think about lolis with tattoos?
I think that with punk or gothic they can look good, but with sweet they can look odd. Saying that, some people rock it.

How often do you dress lolita?
As often as I can!

What magazines do you read?
Kerrang! lol

What music do you listen to?
Rock and J-Rock, a lot of Visual-Kei, some J-Pop and some K-Pop

What's at the top of your wishlist?
Nothing right now, I have everything I want. =w=

What do people around you think about lolita?
They know that it's a part of who I am!

Do you own brand?
Not as much as I'd like to! <3

Can you sew?

Do you have more brand or commissioned/self-sewed/off-brand clothes?
I'd say about the same of both.

Do you think brand is worth its price?
Can be.

What was the first brand you bought from?
Hmmmm. I can't remember. D=

Do you use a shopping service? If so, which one?
Usually I would order from sites that ship direct.

Finish the sentence:

Angelic pretty is…
so cute!

Baby the stars shine bright is…
classy, yet sweet

Moitie is…

Metamorphose is…
nice parasols. =L

Emily Temple Cute is….
not my cup of tea...?

Bodyline is…
usually either really good or really bad.

What's your favourite theme/motif?
Hmmm... OTT Sweet prints, like carousels, candy, hearts, stuff like that.

Do you like any other alternative fashions? ( i.e something you wouldn't regularly see on a catwalk)
I like Kawaii and a bit of Himegyaru (but mostly the HAIR <3).

Would you consider yourself a lolita elitist?
I can be when I want to be.

Have you ever been posted on lolita_fucks?

Do you participate on lolita_fucks? Why?
I don't. Cause I think that comms like that just increase the drama, of which the lolitas need no more.

Do you cosplay?

Do you cosplay lolita?

Do you like anime?

What do you think about those who cosplay lolita?
Well, if it's for a character that wears lolitaesque costumes then it's fine, but cosplaying "a lolita" is impossible. It's a fashion, not a character.

When you see someone doing loli wrong you....
Cringe inwardly, but try and help them out if I can.

Have you watched Shimotsuma Monogatari?

How many times? (don't lie now)
Ugh, sooo maaaany. I'd say at least 15.

Are you like Momoko?
Not usually, but I have my moments.

Do you want to be like Momoko?
Not really, I want to be myself! (Plus I like having friends)

Is Momoko your hero?

Mana's work or Novala's work?
Mana. =D

Honestly, what do you think about Mana?
He's an amazing musician.

Do you think Mana invented loli?
No, but he (and many other visual-kei bands) did heavily influence it.

What do you think about Novala?
Some of his stuff is great, other stuff not so much.

How long does it take you to get ready?
Depends if I want curly hair or not!

Do you wear a wig?
usually only for cosplay.

Can you pull off a bonnet?
I hope so, cause I've been wearing them for the last 2 years. xP

Do you wear bloomers?
Yes! They are a must for me, because otherwise I know I'll end up showing my underwear!

Do you put on the petticoat before ... or after your skirt/dress?

What makeup do you usually wear?
Liquid eyeliner, White eyeshadow, Blush, Foundation, Highlighter, Lipgloss

Do you like nail art?
Yes! I love acrylic nails!

If so, do you do your own or buy it premade?
I make most myself, but I buy some.

Rocking horse shoes are…

How high are your highest heels?
Not too high, I'm only 14, I have loads of time for that stuff.

About what percentage of your income do you spend on loli?
coughcough 14, remember?

Plain socks or socks with designs on them?

Knee high or higher?
I looove thigh-highs!

Describe your very first try at lolita.
Hahaha I was such a noob~

Your wardrobe consist of mostly what color?

Would you rather sacrifice all your lolita clothes or never be able to wear normal clothes again?
I'd love to only wear loli for the rest of my life!

Would you rather be in a world where you are the only person who wears and knows about lolita or live in a world where everyone wears lolita? (as in lolita would be the "normal" attire.)
Probably, the only one. Because I like to be different. =L

Would you rather be the designer for major brand with a strict rule that you can't wear lolita at all, or would you rather be able to wear the clothes but all of them will purposely be the opposite of what you like?
I don't knooooow~ Probably the ones I don't like. Because I like all styles, so even if it was super-gothic I'd prefer it to normal clothes.

If you had to wear one brand for the rest of your life which one would it be?
AP <3

Do you read community/forum rules before posting?

Did you think they didn't apply to you?
Rules apply to everyone. I'm no different.

Do you know how to check the memories?

How about the search function?

Have you ever posted a question about petticoats on EGL?

Do you carry a doll/teddy bear with you? Why?
I have them, but I don't carry them around with me. That's silly.

Do you read books?
Haha some books, but not too many.

Can you recommend any books new lolis would like?
Any Victorian etiquette books can be fun to read!

What would you do if your significant other told you they didn't like lolita?
I'd tell him that I'm not going to give up being who I am for them, so take it or leave it.

What would you do if your significant other told you not to wear it anymore?
*dump* =L

Ideally, what would your significant other's style be like?
Maybe a lil bit moar Aristo~?

Have you ever thought about stopping lolita? Why?
Nope! Cause I love it and it's a big part of my life.

Would you rather be stuck in an island with Mana or Novala?
Mana, because I'd kill to converse with him.

Who's your favourite loli model?
Maki. (She's really a designer but owell) from AP.

What are your favourite 3 places on the net? (that are related to loli)
Gaia (there's a loli thread I adore)
LiveJournal comms
and Lolita Charm.!

How many real life lolita friends (I.E not o n the internet) do you have?
quite a few.

What is the most expensive lolita thing you've bought so far? How much was it?
No ideaaaa~

Do you think there's an age limit to lolita? If so what is it?
I think that once you get to about 30, then maybe it's time to put down that Sugary Carousel, darling.

Keeping in mind what's released by each brand each season, what's your favourite season?

What do you think about boys who wear loli? (and I mean loli and not aristocrat, ouji, etc)
I looove dem brolitas! As long as they can pull it off, you know.

Do you have a favourite artist? (as in painter, animator etc.)
Not really...

Name every un-loli aspect of yours.
Horror, Video Games, Rock Music, Savoury over Sweet foods, Yaoi fangirlism? haha

Name all your lolita aspects.
Long, curly hair, big eyes(apparently), pale skin, blush all the time, love sewing, horseriding, very overly expressive.

What does lolita mean to you? Is it just a fashion? Is it a lifestyle? A passing phase? Something else completely? Why do you care about the fashion? Please explain yourself as well as possible. Don't be afraid of getting mushy. hell, I encourage you to get mushy.

To me it's so much more than just a fashion. It's my way of telling the world that, you know what, I have the right to want to be a princess. It's also a manifestation of my yearning for a more refined time. I love it's elegance, the way that unlike most girls my age, I don't look like I fell out of the bin at the back of a sex shop. It's so much fun, and it's nice to be the kind of girl that little girls say they want to be like.
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(no subject)

Apr. 10th, 2010 | 02:07 am

I've gotten into lolita a bit too much lately.
I mean, when it's just a fashion it's great. You meet new people, wear awesome clothes and such and such.
Then I delved into the world of lifestyle.
I painted my room pink, themed it a jumble between hello kitty and the little victorian things I could get my hands on.
But now I've just become obsessed.
Acrylic Nail Art, Ball-Jointed Dolls, Dekoden, Kawaii Bentos, Tea sets etc etc etc.
My family won't be able to afford it.
I would just get it myself, but unfortunately I'm 14 and thus can't even get weekend/summer jobs.
And then when I ramble on about how I'm dying to get Lahoo from D.O.D., or how I love this nail design, or how "OHEMGEE LOOK AT THIS AP DRESSUUUUUU" my mom feels guilty that she can't buy me these things.
This isn't what lolita is meant to be about.
First and foremost it's a fashion statement. To me, anyway.
It's girls going against the expected short skirts, tight shirts, revealing everything trend and opting for a sweeter, more innocent feel.
People are going to think that it's a fetish, they do with pretty much everything nowadays, but that's not what it is to the girls who wear it.
So is it wrong that when I go out in anything vaguely loli-esque I get stared up and down by dirty old men?
There's something wrong with that.
When we move to Brazil, she says that she'll be able to afford all of these things for me,
and I know that because I'm european they would accept it (not that I care much about that anyway)
but I don't wanna turn into one of those Burando girls who get all their expensive rare prints from daddy's credit card.
Still, a part of me wants to turn into a spoilt little princess.

Aaaaanyway, I'm dating! =O
His name is Jamie and he's really nice and sweet and handsome. =L
He thinks that lolita and cosplay and all of my other obsessions are things that make me cute and unique, so I'm over the moon about his acceptance.
Except I'm leaving in August.
For good.
But we both knew that when we got together, so it's kinda always been there.

It's just gone 2 in the morning, so I'm gunna leave it at that for today.



Writer's Block: Fuzzy friend

Feb. 25th, 2010 | 09:09 pm
location: mai haws as always
mood: sick sick
music: Eyes on Me - FFVIII

If you could have any fictional creature from a book, film, or TV show as your pet, which one would you choose, and why?

Zachary Fair, cause he's a puppy. Wait, no games? Booooooo!
Hmmmm, then probably uuuum...
I don't knooooow.
I want every bishie. <3 In my own reverse-harem.
Actually, now I've decided.
The twins from Ouran. They are practically one anyway, so =P.
And they're both so cute. :L


Feb. 10th, 2010 | 08:34 pm
mood: nostalgic nostalgic
music: Thunderbirds - Busted

Well, I guess I should give some backstory before I just start, so..
My mate Abbie said no to a guy who asked her to go to the Valentines disco [which is tomorrow], so I made a song about it which was basically a modified version of Busted's you said no. It went like:

You asked me to dance at the Disco
But I said no
Taryn was watching and laughing
On the day that you crashed and burned
At my feet

So from then on we were all singing Busted and McFly and OHMY NOSTALGIAAA~
Then this evening I found my first loli dress, [which I'll post pictures of laters] and then me and Abbie watched (GET REAAADY)

Yeah we're lame. Then I played DDR and now I'm looking up Bevin and it feels like old tiiiimes.

;A; <--- and that's a crying carp. FTW.


Writer's Block: A rose by any other name ...

Jan. 21st, 2010 | 06:37 pm

How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

Well, not really. iCookies, i as in Internet and cookies are delicious sugary treats. 'Nuff said.

Top 10 number 5

Jan. 20th, 2010 | 06:26 pm

post one list from this selection every day.
see if anyone else shares your views!

1) movies
2) songs
3) books
4) videogames

5) television shows

Hmmm... I'll only list anime that I've seen aired on TV, otherwise this'd be swamped.

1) Ben 10 Alien Force [Yuri Lowenthal makes it win]
2) Ben 10 [Yeah, I'm a nerd. So what?]
3) Shaman King [Like, my first anime obsession]
4) Battlestar Galactica
5) Heroes
6) Criminal Minds [Reid is smexeh~ x3]
7) CSI [Vegas is my fave]
8) Star Trek
9) Naruto [Cause it was aired before stupid Disney bought Jetix]
10) NCIS

And now you all understand what a messed-up little girl I am. How nice.

Top 10

Jan. 19th, 2010 | 06:33 pm

top ten for every day!
post one list from this selection every day.
see if anyone else shares your views!

1) movies
2) songs
3) books

4) videogames
5) television shows

No order~

1) Final Fantasy VII
2) FFVII Crisis Core
3) Kingdom Hearts
4) KH II
5) KH 358/2 Days
6) FFVII Dirge of Cerberus
7) Trauma Center: Under the Knife
8) Trauma Center: New Blood
9) Trauma Center: Second Opinion
10) Call Of Duty 4 [bet you weren't expecting that!]

(no subject)

Jan. 19th, 2010 | 06:25 pm

Plans for Chris' Ryuk cosplay!

I'm gonna edit this as I figure out what I'm gonna do for each part of the cosplay.
This is more for my own good than anybody else's. =3

Black top w/ long sleeves
Spirit Gum
Thick Black Satin Ribbon
Heart Chain Earring
Long Black Feathers f/ Shoulder Wings
Belt Buckle
Sculpty Stitches
2x Skull Rings
2x Skull Chains
White Body Paint
Note Pouch

Oh God that's more than I expected. Dx
Owell, we'll get it done. Eventually.