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It's that annoying shortie!

My epicly epic adventures in my epicly epic life!

2 October
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Well, my name is Bethany-Jane, but if you know me you can just call me Beth. I love Lolita fashions, but I live in England, where there aren't so many of us. If there are any English lolis out there I'd love to meet up some time!
Anyway, I love anime and manga, and I'm a yaoi fangirl. =] Right now I love Clack(so cuuuuteeee~!) [FFVII, which is a game, but...], SasuNaru and KakaIru [both Naruto], AkuRoku and RikuSora [both Kingdom hearts] and Hikakao [OHSHC. Yeah, and I know that they are twins. But it's soooo cuteee!]
Anyway, I'm a bit obsessed.. But owell.